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WWE Survivor Series 2017 results: Usos clear The Bar and tie things for SmackDown

In the battle for brand supremacy, The Bar was tasked with protecting Raw’s 2 - 1 lead in the showdown between each show’s tag champs. Jimmy and Jey Uso tried to get into Cesaro and Sheamus’ heads with a pre-match promo mocking their opponent’s team name.

Didn’t really work. Luckily, these are two sets of deserving champs who’ve been stealing shows for months. Regardless of the lack of much build beyond the general red vs. blue feud, this promised to be a solid match at a Survivor Series which had been marked by some sloppy work up to this point.

A hard-hitting affair built to big spots and nearfalls. Cesaro springboarded into a White Noise that looked like the end before Jimmy broke up the cover at 2.99. Then Jey countered another tandem manuever set-up to Samoan Drop Sheamus from the Swiss Superman’s shoulder.

Then it was a superkick party (yes, Byron Saxton called it that). Cesaro successfully intercepted a pair of kicks while his partner was the legal man, but Sheamus didn’t fare any better, taking Meeting in the Middle before a splash ended things, and allowed SmackDown to tie things 2 - 2.

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