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WWE Survivor Series 2017 results: Elias, Enzo and KO & Sami pick up intra-brand wins on the Kickoff

As the standard bearers for Team Blue would say, the battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series is gonna be lit, BAY-BEE! Most observers wondered how WWE would fill a two hour pre-show when they’d only announced one Cruiserweight title match for the Kickoff, however. They addressed that by adding two other matches at the last moment.

None of them may have been as tense as the interview with Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair, but they tried anyway.

First up was, we got a chance to walk with Elias. Team Red’s troubadour sang about the stupidity of Houstonians, the United States’ Texas problem and his opponent Matt Hardy.

Jeff’s brother was in control early, but after a commercial break, Elias targeted Matt’s left shoulder after that carried The Drifter to a surprising win. In addition to being a sign that the guitar-playing heel will remain a fixture of Raw, at least as a mid-card gatekeeper, it could be the first sign of the breaking of Hardy...

After some more talk with the panel, and a trip to the social media lounge for a chat with The Miz...

... it was time for the match we were expecting before the main card started.

After challenger Kalisto entered wearing his silver and black - and had a little entrance mishap, Cruiserweight titleholder Enzo Amore hit the stage in a leopard-print bathrobe to do the deal. He recapped the recent events of their feud and landed a nice verbal shot about frying Kalisto like the chicken he is so he could have the only Chik-Fil-A open on a Sunday, and we were off.

The champ was hyper-aggressive at the bell, and it almost led to another title change:

But Zo took control and dictated the pace for several minutes. He found success with draping Kalisto in the corner and nailing him with a running forearm, but went to the well once too often, allowing the luchador back into the match. Kalisto threw an array of impressive offense at the champ, including a big moonsault that got a nearfall, but he ended up getting dropped headfirst on a partially exposed turnbuckle by Amore. One JawdonZo later, and the title was staying put, and this feud is probably over.

After The Zo Show, it was time for The Sami and Kevin one. Owens and Zayn got mic time just like the realest champ in the room, and they were clearly unhappy about being placed on the Kickoff against “two clowns”. KO suggested that if Breezango want to play detective, they should give up the Fashion Files and try to find out why the best talents on SmackDown were being treated this way.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango entered to end the friends’ tirade and accuse the “paperboy” and his smelly friend of fashion crimes. Then it was on, and the Fashion Police got the early jump on the former Universal, U.S. and Intercontinental champion and his bud. It didn’t take too long for the heels to isolate Breeze, however, and KO took him to chinlock city.

Tyler got his knees up on a senton and brought Deputy Dango in hot. Fandango almost picked up the upset win after a huge DDT, but after Owens broke up the pin, the ensuing confusion led to him missing the Last Dance. Sami reached the corner, and a KO Pop-Up Powerbomb ended our pre-show action.

The main card starts soon... could we see those two thorns in Shane McMahon’s side again later? Hmmm...

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