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The Twitter trash talk for Survivor Series women’s match is getting personal

As with most of the inter-brand bouts on the card in Houston, there’s been some standard online posturing for the women’s elimination tag match at Survivor Series tonight (Nov. 19).

But there have also been some instances of things getting, or appearing to get (pro wrestling, everybody!) personal on Twitter. And the weird thing is that they’ve happened with people who are on the same team, or aren’t in the match at all.

Yesterday, Lana and Nia Jax rekindled an old Instagram beef when The Ravishing Russian brought up Jax’s recent time off after Nia responded to Natalya’s first tweet after Shane McMahon put her on SmackDown’s team:

This morning, Sasha Banks applauded her old rival for the Raw Women’s belt (and fellow Horsewoman) Charlotte Flair when the current SmackDown champ was mocking her Survivor Series opponent, current Raw titleholder (and longtime Boss’ nemesis), Alexa Bliss:

She’s not too worried about Team Red unity, either:

Will the match live up to the levels of social media heat?

We’ll find out in a few hours.

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