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Shawn Michaels and Johnny Gargano’s ‘Ab Off’ played out like HBK/Flair at WrestleMania 24

It didn’t play out on WWE Network, probably because they never said it would, but Shawn Michaels and Johnny Gargano’s “Ab Off” did go down in Houston on Saturday, Nov. 18.

You can see the contest, and a double-helping of delicious married man stomach muscle, in this tweet from HBK. The Hall of Famer seems to concede to Johnny Wrestling before the throwdown... or shirtlift, I guess... even occurs. Gargano makes the whole thing by throwing Michaels’ famous line from right before he retired Ric Flair at WrestleMania 24 back at him:

No word yet on if Rolexes were exchanged to commemorate the moment. Hopefully Shawn honors the stip* and doesn’t turn up for workout competitions in TNA next year.

* There was no stip.

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