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Triple H wants NXT to ‘put their spin on’ WarGames and ‘make it their own’

While NXT has indeed brought back the WarGames concept for one of its matches on tonight’s (Nov. 18, 2017) TakeOver card in Houston, it’s not going to look all that much like the old WCW concept. Triple H explained some of the rules during a recent conference call and, well, WarGames is more the inspiration for a new kind of match, if anything.

He seemed to reaffirm that during a recent interview with For the Win, where he explained what he wants NXT to do with it:

“I think for our fans, it’s a long time coming. I think for our talent, our locker room, I haven’t seen people this excited for a match from a talent standpoint in a long time. When we announced it, even our main roster talent were coming after me going ‘WarGames, can I be in that?! Is there any way I can do that show?’ They’re excited for it, and I think for the NXT locker room… it’s a way to take something historically meaningful for them and make it theirs. Take the past and make it the future, and put their own spin on it and rebrand it and make it their own.”

The original concept from Dusty Rhodes was wildly successful, hence the excitement over WWE bringing it back. We’ll see if that carries over to this new iteration of it.

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