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WWE Survivor Series 2017: Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto full match preview

Cruiserweight Title Kickoff Match

Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore (c)

Finally! The 205 Live match is back on the pre-show!

The Road to Survivor Series

The Certified G debuted in the cruiserweight division to a lot of fanfare, and generated quite a bit of buzz for its WWE Network show. Using his mantra to “work smarter”, he captured the title from Neville in only a few weeks working with the Tuesday night crew. And thanks to some clever manipulation of a clause in his deal to celebrate his win - and being willing to take a hell of a beating - he seemed set to enjoy a long, stress-free reign (especially when the deposed King of The Cruiserweights left the scene without an explanation).

But General Manager Kurt Angle had an ace up his sleeve, and he introduced former United States champion Kalisto as the newest member of the cruiserweight division. As the luchador wasn’t signed to 205 Live when Amore was assaulted by the rest of the boys, he was eligible for a shot at Enzo. And Sin Cara’s old tag partner made the most of it, beating Zo to take the belt.

Unfortunately, his reign was even shorter than the Smacktalker Skywalker’s. At TLC, Zo used one of Austin Aries’ old tricks - the thumb to the eye - to regain the title.

And when Kalisto used his rematch clause a couple weeks later, Amore kicked the referee to keep the strap by disqualification.

Since then, Kalisto’s demonstrated a new fire in his quest to reclaim the title and end Enzo. He’s managed to come out in nearly every match against Amore and his new allies, winning five of his six matches since the last pay-per-view (PPV) - only dropping a tag match to Zo and Drew Gulak on this past Monday’s Raw.

And he followed that up by celebrating his birthday with a singles win against Gulak, and putting the champ in some cake.

It remains to be seen if his celebration will continue all the way to Houston, however.

What’s at stake?

Unlike most of the matches taking place in Toyota Center on the line, the title could change hands here. It probably won’t, but... at least it could.

Whether or not Enzo or Kalisto leaves Survivor Series with the strap, 205 Live is still in an interesting place. There have been some peaks of interest since Amore arrived, but despite what he says in his promos, the fortunes of the cruiserweight division haven’t completely turned around. The reports that names like Hideo Itami and Rockstar Spud could be on the way to try to liven things mean WWE hasn’t given up hope, but it also means they don’t think they’ve found the answer in an extended Amore/Kalisto program.

Keep hope alive for the coming of the Drew-topia.

Find out who leaves with the title Sunday night, and if Gulak can spell SAWFT, as Cageside Seats covers all the action at Survivor Series!


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