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Here’s what happens when Survivor Series falls on Rusev Day

Lana has shared an... odd... piece of fan art on Twitter today, but it’s also fan-freaking-tastic*.

We all know the biggest problem with this year’s Survivor Series card is the lack of Rusev. The best possible Survivor Series would, of course, feature nothing but Rusev. Which is possible in the alternate reality this pic presents.

Behold! This is what a pay-per-view (PPV) would look like at the Citadel of Rusevs, where the Council of Rusevs has declared that every day is Rusev Day, even Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017!

As to Lana’s question (Lana-Lana, not Lana Bliss or Lana Flair), while Kurt Rusev is pretty great, I’m partial to Cena Rusev. Not only is it The Handsome One as his best friend John, but it also kind of looks like Karl Anderson in a gimme hat. The Hounds of Rusev could be an 80s hair band trying to reinvent themselves in the grunge scene of 1994. Randy Rusev is a deadringer for Drew Gulak (and Bobby Rusev might actually be Baron Corbin).

But I think we can all agree that Rusev should probably go get his hair done Styles-style.

Happy Rusev Day!

* UPDATE: This masterpiece is courtesy of Top Rope Tony

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