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Becky Lynch explains why she is not part of the Total Divas cast

There is more to Becky Lynch than witty puns. When not kicking lass and sipping tea, compared to some of the other wrestlers currently on the WWE roster Lynch is a little more reversed than her counterparts.

It may be part of Lynch letting her in-ring actions speak for her or the fact 30-year-old superstar has never been rumored to be on the cast of WWE’s signature reality show Total Divas.

In a new interview with Bleacher Report, full of great Lynch info, The Irish Lass Kicker talks about why you will never see her on the cast of any future seasons of Total Divas.

But fans wanting to discover more about the real Lynch haven't been able to do so via WWE's reality show Total Divas. Natalya, Naomi and others have shown the world their true selves through this medium, but that's not a route Lynch wants to take.

"It's not something I ever wanted for myself," Lynch said. "It's a great opportunity for the women. But I never envisioned myself in that role. And there's a certain mystique about myself that I'd like to keep. I don't want to give out too much of Rebecca Quinn."

For now fans of Becky Lynch and Rebecca Quinn will have to settle for the shenanigans of Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Carmella on the newest season of Total Divas. Pour some hot tea on the curb in memory of Lynch’s chances of ever being on the cast of a WWE reality show.

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