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Triple H discusses changes he made to NXT’s version of WarGames

This ain’t your daddies’ version of WarGames. When William Regal yelled “WARGAMES” in all caps last month on NXT and announced the return of the famed NWA/WCW match, the reactions were mixed.

Fans were excited to see a WarGames style match but weren’t sure about some of the rules changes to the match. With the teams of Roderick Strong & The Authors of Pain, The Undisputed ERA and SAnitY going to battle at NXT: WarGames this Saturday night, Triple H hopped on a conference call with reporters to talk some of the changes to the match.

Three groups of three, timed releases from shark cage at the entrance ramp and no roof on top of the cage (or cages?) are most of the main changes to the WarGames match.

How do you think Saturday’s NXT version of WarGames playing out? Will it live up to the memories of it’s NWA/WCW forefathers?

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