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Kevin Owens’ face during Shane McMahon’s rally is priceless


Shane McMahon really tried to rally his SmackDown troops at the beginning of the show but Kevin Owens wasn’t having it; any of it.

The more the rest of the roster cheered and applauded McMahon’s words, the more Owen’s facial expression went unchanged.

Kevin Owens was staring daggers into the soul of Shane McMahon, no matter how many jokes he cracked or motivational sentences he uttered, nothing was cracking KO’s face.

The most KO face of all the KO faces that have ever been expressed.

Even Baron Corbin, Lana, Dolph Ziggler and Aiden English had their hearts moved by Shane-O-Mac.

What was Kevin Owens thinking during Shane McMahon’s SmackDown rally? What is this emotionless man’s next move?

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