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Cesaro still can’t bite anything with his two front teeth

Remember that gnarly mouth injury Cesaro suffered back at No Mercy on Sept. 24 in Los Angeles? By “mouth injury” I mean he hit the ring post so hard he jammed his two front teeth up into his gums. It was nasty, and very bad, and awful, and all other bad words. He needed emergency dental work but he also seemed to be just fine while mending, considering he didn’t miss any time.

Over at The National, he gave an update on how his recovery is going today and, well, he’s not fine, he’s just tough as hell:

"They are a lot better. I am still not able to bite anything with my front two teeth. Like I said they went up my gums, and I fractured my jaw bone that is over my teeth and beneath my nose. I fractured that and they had to pull the teeth back down. Now I have lovely braces so to all the kids with braces out there, I feel your pain."

He actually finished the match and, again, didn’t miss any time. It’s been almost two months since then and he’s out here joking around about the fact that he still cannot eat properly and yet is actively wrestling like everything is just fine.

Cesaro is a treasure.

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