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Where’s Kane?

Raw ended on the latest impressive Braun Strowman destruction of another big man last night (Nov. 14), following collapsing rings with Big Show and throwing The World’s Largest Athlete through a steel cage.

Powerslamming Kane, and himself, through the canvas was pretty cool - if a weird way to send things home for this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV). Strowman is booked for the five-on-five men’s match against Team SmackDown, and Kane isn’t currently scheduled to do anything in Houston this weekend.

In that respect, The Big Red Machine disappearing into whatever realm he occupies beneath the ring makes sense. This is a good way to write him off for a few weeks until they need him again.

But, like, where did he go? And, more importantly, when will we see him again?

Braun went into a garbage truck in Minnesota and emerged from a different one in Maryland. Could Kane travel through the netherworld and emerge in New Dehli for his scheduled house show match with The Monster Among Men on Dec. 9?

Or is he gonna pop up in Texas this weekend to take out Strowman, furthering their feud while assisting Team Blue? Maybe to make it up to his little buddy Daniel Bryan, who he chokeslammed to a local medical facility a little while back?

Whether you like, hate or love the 2017 Kane push, having him return just to leave a few weeks later after a Monday night main event that doesn’t even seem to tie in to the PPV it follows it is a weird call.

So, is that it? Or is there more to it?

We shall see. The whole thing is damn weird, though.

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