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A not shocking spoiler for SmackDown

WWE on YouTube

It’s been talked about since the first time SmackDown put Raw #UnderSiege. Rumors - a quick glance at WWE’s touring schedule - have pointed to tonight (Nov. 14) being the night when Team Red will finally fight back and launch an offensive against Shane McMahon’s troops.

Well, PWInsider is saying that that is indeed one of the things we’ll get on SmackDown’s final episode before Survivor Series. In addition to The Shield, who were reported over the weekend as leading the charge on whatever hashtag the company attaches to tonight’s don’t-call-it-an-invasion, the site claims to have “confirmed that Raw Tag Team champions Cesaro and Sheamus as well as members of the Raw Men's and Women's Elimination Teams are slated to be in Charlotte for the taping.”

Now the fun part - place your bets on what they’ll be doing! Will Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns pick people off all night, merc-style, leading to a full assault by the red brand at the end of the show? Does each unit attack their opponents for Sunday? Are we just getting the usual show-closing brawl?

Find out with us in the live blog tonight, and give us your best guesses below!

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