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Stop trying to enter with The Shield

I swear... just because Kurt Angle and Triple H joined the group, everybody thinks they can be in a Hound of Justice. But even if Roman Reigns wasn’t back, here’s a little public service announcement:

Stop trying to enter with The Shield.

As the good people at TDEWrestling point out in the GIF below, this dude in Atlanta last night (Nov. 13) seems to just be a goof who wanted to walk a few steps with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and The Big Dog. But considering how many more serious - and scary - moments there have been with fans touching guys coming through the crowd or even jumping into the action, or throwing things into the ring... just don’t.

And why are Dean, Roman and Seth always the target of this nonsense? I guess the crowd entrance is just too much for folks with poor impulse control and/or drunk people to resist, but - come on.

Especially when there’s a Raw Superstar who literally asks this almost every week...

Walk with that guy!

In all seriousness, just cheer or boo. Stop trying to get involved in the show. No one thinks it’s cute, and we’ll probably just pop for you getting taken and/or beaten down.

Believe that.

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