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The Shield win their first match together in three years


For the first time since Payback 2014, all three members of The Shield shared a ring together on the same side. This wasn’t Kurt Angle with The Shield or even Triple H plus The Shield, this was the original three members of The Shield together again.

The trio of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose first match back came against the team of The Miz and The Bar.

The Hounds of Justice got off to a hot start and rarely looked back at their opponents.

After a vintage hot tag to Reigns it looked to be the beginning of the end for Cesaro, Sheamus and Miz. With the Raw tag-team champions neutralized, all three members of The Shield circled The Miz like a sharks who smelled blood; or hounds who enjoy justice.

A spear from Roman Reigns plus a triple power bomb from all three men proved to be the end of MIz’s night

The Shield is back and they didn’t miss a beat, is everyone back on board The Hounds of Justice bandwagon?

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