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Styles. Nakamura. WrestleMania. Too Sweet!

As WWE champion AJ Styles says, this is how you end a long tour. Is it also how you kick off a title program for the Grandest Stage of Them All?

After they both competed in a Triple Threat with Jinder Mahal in Florence on Sunday, Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura shared a moment that excited the Italian crowd - and that’s being promoted by WWE’s social media.

As you can see in this Instagram, AJ sets the strap between himself and The King of Strong Style and asks if he wants to face him at WrestleMania. With the fans chanting “YES”, Nakamura indicates he would. The Phenomenal One confirms his interest with one of WWE’s legally-protected catch phrases.

“Do you want me at WrestleMania, Shinsuke Nakamura?

I just gotta tell you, that’d be TOO SWEET!”

Anyone else down for a Wrestle Kingdom 10 rematch in New Orleans next year?

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