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AJ Styles drops a verbal bomb on Brock Lesnar from a doorway in Milan

Stealing my man Tommy Messano’s gimmick here, but WWE champ AJ Styles just won’t stop cutting great promos in places other than wrestling rings.

It’s amazing The Phenomenal One’s mic game was listed as a concern upon his arrival in The ‘E. Styles has so put those doubts to rest, he now has to seek out obscure places backstage on the road to film, just to challenge himself.

He did it to Finn Bálor from a hallway in South America. Jinder Mahal got it from an Irish stairwell.

Now The Beast Incarnate, Universal champion Brock Lesnar, is the target of this one, hyping their upcoming Survivor Series showdown, from a doorway in Milan, Italy.

Bible analogies from Italian corners? That’s some next level $#!+ right there.

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