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Follow AJ Styles before he won the WWE championship from Jinder Mahal

"Don't get me wrong. When I came to the WWE, it wasn't like 'that's our Superstar, that's who we want.' Because that wasn't the way it was. I had to prove myself, that I deserve to be in the spotlight, I deserve to be WWE champion. I'm never content, with anything. I always want to get better. I want to find a way to improve myself."

WWE produces great short videos like this on such a consistent basis that it’s become almost routine but this one stands out, in its own way, for how Styles comes across. He’s a 40-year-old man who one could argue is at the peak of his career and he’s only working harder and harder, putting even more strain on an already beat up body to be the best in the world. The title he holds feels less like a prop because he’s the one holding it, and that’s the best endorsement we can give of Styles as champion.

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