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Paige says she’s ‘single’

Paige’s Instagram

If you’ve been wondering why there haven’t been any photos of Paige and Alberto El Patron together lately, or why we haven’t seen any Twitter or Instagram posts about their undying love for one another - this could explain it.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has a Snapchat clip from a friend of Paige’s where the former Divas champion says about a couple kissing behind her in a bar, “this is why I’m single”.

Public declarations of their affection for one another, including in-ring proposals and updates about their wedding date, were frequent during her tumultuous time with the man who was known as Alberto Del Rio during his WWE days. Those dried up after an incident at Orlando International Airport which resulted in the police getting involved and El Patron being suspended by Impact Wrestling and stripped of their World championship. While it could have been that the couple decided sharing their relationship with the world on social media was a bad idea, this item provides evidence the actual reason they haven’t been seen together lately is because they’ve actually broken off their engagement.

We here at Cageside Seats... well, actually, we’re just relieved this may be our last Paige and Alberto post. But we do wish both of them the best as they move on with their lives.

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