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So, Triple H is in The Shield now

A lot of strands in the old duder’s head right now. While I untangle a few, here’s what’s going on over in Glasgow, where WWE is kicking off their United Kingdom and European tour with a Raw event:

The unlikely trio of Triple H, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt and The Bar (which would be a * record scratch * “whatthewhat?” team on its own if not for their opponents), and well...

  • They weren’t kidding about Hunter replacing Roman Reigns on this tour, were they?
  • Guess the three years since the Shield/Evolution feud provided enough time for healing. But it’s only been months since Trips’ mission in life was to cripple Rollins for being an ingrate.
  • Dig the “Plan B” callback from Seth, though... dirty turncoat that he is.
  • HOW COULD YOU AGREE TO THIS DEAN!?!? ARE YOU SOME KIND OF LUNATI... oh wait... yeah, of course.
  • Are The Hounds of Justice WWE’s answer to The Bullet Club? Letting Kurt Angle join is fine, but this feels a little shark-jumpy.
  • Yes, it’s a house show. But it’s gonna get a lot of play (it’s already all over WWE’s web outlets) and IT STILL FEELS WEIRD TO ME, DAMNIT.

Your turn, Cagesiders. I’ll be over here going “huh”.

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