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Kalisto ends the Era of Enzo and captures the cruiserweight title on Raw


Enzo Amore’s first cruiserweight title defense could not wait until TLC. After a pre-Raw match-up was made for TLC, Kurt Angle threw it all out the window in order to make Enzo defend his purple belt versus Kalisto.

Not only would Enzo face Kalisto in the main event of Raw, the champ’s no-contact clause was waived for one night only so that the entire 205 Live roster could participate in a lumberjack match.

Following the initial grappling exchange, Enzo was dumped to the outside not once but twice. After sneaking back in unscathed on his first attempt, Enzo was roughly shoved back into the ring by Mustafa Ali after his second tumble.

The tides would turn with some New York based offense coupled with Kalisto getting beat-up when the luchador inadvertently fell to the heel side of the lumberjack ring.

The championship match would to fall further into chaos as the lumberjacks began to fight among themselves. Kalisto would end the brawl on the outside by superplexing the lifeless body of Enzo onto a bunch of 205 pound human beings.

Kalisto would promptly end Enzo’s title reign moments later with a Salida del Sol off the top rope. Kalisto is your new cruiserweight champion and the the record books will read Enzo’s first title reign lasted less than three weeks.

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