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Sister Abigail speaks through Bray Wyatt and it’s scary as hell

What the hell is going on? Tonight on (Oct. 9) Raw, Sister Abigail possessed the body of Bray Wyatt and it will haunt your dreams forever.

After Finn Balor walked to the ring to cut a promo on not being intimidated by Wyatt’s mind games The Eater of World’s took the long running Sister Abigail saga to a different level.

Complete with face changing magic and soul stealing voiceovers, Wyatt or Abigail weaved a web of sorrow and revenge directed at Balor.

Whatever, whomever Abigail is it looks it will lead to a third match between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor; with a possible supernatural run-in from Abigail even more of a possibility.

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