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Baron Corbin is gonna shove his U.S title down the throats of fans chanting ‘Where’s your briefcase?’

New United States champion Baron Corbin has always had a contentious relationship with fans. It was one of the rumored reasons behind his failing to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jinder Mahal, and emphatically losing the follow-up pay-per-view (PPV) match to John Cena.

If there was ever any truth to those rumors, the alleged heat Corbin was said to have on him isn’t causing The Lone Wolf to hold back in his tweets and remarks now that he’s won his first title:

Peter Rosenberg asked the new champ about his relationship with social media on Talking Smack. WWE sent out a clip, and his full answer is transcribed from the Network below:

“Those internet fans, they love guys like AJ Styles, they love guys like Kevin Owens, they love guys who came up this so-called hard road. That’s what they cling to, they cling to these guys that worked so hard to go through gyms, or went through Japan or did it for 12 or 15 years. And they sit in their mom’s basement, they sit wherever it may be and they run their mouths where it’s safe on a keyboard. They’re nowhere near me. When the come near me, they probably want my autograph. They want me to sign something, they have my action figure. But behind a keyboard? They’re gonna run their mouths, they’re gonna say whatever they want cause it’s safe. So now I have this [the U.S. title]. All those people that are saying those things? I’m laughing in their face holding this.

... I want them to continue just going ‘Where’s your briefcase?’ I’m gonna shove this down their throat, okay? They can ask me that stupid question, that tired question of ‘Where’s your briefcase?’ I’m the United States champion.”

In other words - suck it, nerds.

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