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WWE Raw preview (Oct. 9, 2017): Reunited

If the Vice-President shows up tonight for the WWE’s night in Indianapolis, I bet he won’t walk out - at least not due to lack of patriotism.

The Headliner(s)

A week removed from a night of Shield-themed taunts around his title-retaining disqualification loss to Roman Reigns and post-match beatdown with his new buddies Cesaro and Sheamus, all eyes will be on Intercontinental champion The Miz’s talk show tonight.

That’s because he’ll be chatting with The Bar, and we might get an explanation for why The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Cyborg are helping out The A-Lister when his regular back-up, The Miztourage, was easily dispatched by Reigns.

He could also check in on the rest of Sheamus and Cesaro’s evening from seven days ago. It makes perfect sense they’d continue hounding tag titleholders Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, considering the rivalry between those teams and The Bar’s goal of becoming three-time champs.

Why poke the bear, or should I say hounds? As formidible as Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns are on their own, as a trio they’re one of the most dominant forces in WWE history. And based on the last images from the previous episode of Raw, they’ve decided Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus is a problem they’re interested in solving as a unit.

In reality, it’s obvious why WWE wants a Shield match right now. And it fits The Bar’s character to say they want to beat the best, just as it fits Miz’s to say he wants the spotlight the company shines on the group - even years after they went their separate ways.

So all that’s left is to watch it unfold. And odds are that will really start to happen tonight on Miz TV.

The title scene

He may be coming back a little sooner than originally though, according to recent advertising from WWE, but it will still be a few weeks until we see Universal champ Brock Lesnar, so it’s all just watching others jockey for position in his absence right now.

Did Alexa Bliss push a little too far when she taunted Mickie James about her age ahead of their Women's championship showdown? The Goddess followed up some in-ring insults with a backstage prank, and now Hardcore Country is a bigger thre at than ever. Mickie was poised to take out Nia Jax before Bliss saved her - an act Alexa paid for when she ate a kick from James.

Just introduced by General Manager Kurt Angle as the newest star of the division, Kalisto is already gunning for Cruiserweight titleholder Enzo Amore. Seeing as no one else can challenge The Certified G due to the clauses Angle wrote into the contract for Zo’s show-closing celebration a couple weeks, it looks like Amore will be facing the former U.S. champ at TLC... it’s just a matter of how we get there.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- With two victories in their feud, Finn Bálor may be done with Bray Wyatt. But according to The Eater of Worlds, the Irishman isn’t done with Sister Abigail. But that might just be Bray in some make-up, so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of a difference it makes.

- Sasha Banks and Bayley keep racking up wins as a team, but if rumors are to be believed, they might not be on the same page for long. Is that the reason for their recent run of tag matches, or is it something else.

- Maybe it has something to do with the fact Asuka is coming. We still don’t know who the undefeated former NXT champ will be facing in her debut on the Oct. 22 pay-per-view (PPV).

- Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan’s team-up seems to be an ongoing thing, especially now that they owe The Club for the loss they put on them last Monday (and because Matt needs a partner for Starrcade with Jeff rehabbing from surgery).

- Now that he’s beaten the two non-cruiserweight members of Titus Worldwide, is Elias ready to drift into something a little more high-profile?

Two weeks until TLC!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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