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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 results: Kevin Owens survives war with Shane McMahon thanks to... Sami Zayn?

Shane McMahon didn’t wait one moment longer than necessary to get his hands on Kevin Owens, or to take advantage of the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation in their Hell in a Cell match.

As the man who assaulted his father opened the cage door to enter the structure, Shane slid out of the ring and laid into KO with punches and more.

The battle on the ramp was so one-sided, Owens ran into The Cell in order to catch his breath. It was there, after officials locked the door, that The Prizefighter began to inflict punishment of his own on the scion of WWE.

Once inside, the former Universal champion didn’t waste any time taking control of the action. Owens talked trash while doing his best to torture the commissioner of SmackDown LIVE.

An increasingly violent affair seemed to turn on a couple of big missed spots. Owens eventually hit the same Frog Splash he used on Vince, but after being powerbombed onto the steel steps, Shane managed to avoid a cannonball from the apron.

That move left KO laid out across a table, and created an opening for McMahon to assault him with a broken piece of that furniture.

It also allowed him to get a trash can for one of his signature maneuvers...


A foot on the ropes (which Corey Graves correctly said was a mistake by referee Mike Chioda in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere enviroment) saved Owens from a loss there. It also seemed to send Shane over the edge. He retrieved some bolt cutters and opened the door.

Big mistake.

Not only did KO quickly get the advantage with a DDT on the steel ramp, he went to work on the family jewels - first with a low blow, then driving Shane crotch first into the side of the cage door. He then raked McMahon’s face along the outside of The Cell en route to the announce area.

A big head butt provided a call back to the attack which precipitated this match. KO then decided to forego diving on Shane from the barricade, instead deciding to scale the cage.

Up top, a moment of sanity washed over Owens. He couldn’t bring himself to jump, but that momentary delay allowed McMahon to climb up himself. He hung on through a brawl at the edge, and then motioned for KO to bring it on.

The ensuing fight stressed the top of the structure to the limits. It buckled with each slam, suplex, superkick and senton.

It was legitimately anxiety-inducing.

Owens eventually decided to climb down, but the fight continued from the side of the cage. It was a fight Shane got the best of, as slamming his enemy’s head off the fence sent KO crashing down from ten feet above the ring - straight through the Spanish announce table.

Medical personnel checked on Owens, but McMahon brushed them off. He could have covered him there, but instead decided to carry him over to the other commentary desk. Clearing that off, he set KO on top, determined to send a message. A retaliatory headbutt left Owens laying there, and Shane began to climb.

McMahon crashed through the desk, missing just as he did at WrestleMania 32. But on further review, KO didn’t roll away on his own. HE WAS PULLED TO SAFETY BY SAMI ZAYN!

Zayn also pulled his best friend-turned-enemy onto the commissioner for the win. Owens looked as shocked as we were, and Sami didn’t look completely convinced about his actions either.


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