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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 results, live streaming match coverage: Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Hell in a Cell is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Oct. 8, 2017) from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Hell in a Cell below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Kevin Owens def. Shane McMahon
Bobby Roode def. Dolph Ziggler
Jinder Mahal def. Shinsuke Nakamura
Charlotte Flair def. Natalya by disqualification
Baron Corbin def. AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger
Randy Orton def. Rusev
The Usos def. The New Day
Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin def. The Hype Bros


Bind all of us together, ablaze with hope and free. No storm or heavy weather will rock the boat you'll see. The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain, for the one who will be king is the watcher in the ring. It is you, but me, I'm just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show, folks.

The pre-show kicks off with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing the panel, tonight consisting of just Peter Rosenberg and David Otunga. They hype up Shane McMahon's propensity towards crazy spots for a moment before tossing to Kayla Braxton in the social media lounge, where she'll have a Q&A with Charlotte Flair later.

They replay Tye Dillinger's victory over Baron Corbin and we go backstage where he's pitching Daniel Bryan on changing the United States Championship match tonight to be a three-way. Bryan gets him to confirm that he wants in the match and he says it sounds like a... great idea. Dan asks about the ten fingers and Tye explains by comparing to the "Yes!" fingers and they have a catchphrase-off, each doing the other man's.

The preshow panel discusses the new US title match before shilling for the WWE Network for those of you watching on other platforms. They toss to a video package for the WWE Championship match before discussion of the same. This in turn feeds into a video package for Rusev vs. Randy Orton, and for the discussion of the same the panel is joined by Aiden English, who ends up singing Rusev's praises rather literally once again. (Hey Aiden, free tip-- "Rusev is the greatest" scans to the opening line of the Russian national anthem. You're welcome!)

Charlotte Flair is in the social media lounge for the Q&A, where the first question is if she's aware that she can be the first woman to have won the NXT, Divas, Raw, and SmackDown women's titles, to which she is and that's a goal of hers, but right now she's just focused on tonight. As far as her strategy goes, Natalya has learned every counter to her moves, so she has to try twice as hard to outfox her.

The last question is about Carmella cashing in, and Charlotte says this is the first time in her career she's had to worry about that, but she'll deal with it when it happens, she's good on the fly. Braxton asks if she has any last words going into her match, and she says the Flairs were always better than the Harts. Panel discussion of the SmackDown Women's Championship match follows.

Baron Corbin is interviewed backstage. He says this is complete nonsense, he had AJ Styles one-on-one and he was gonna leave with the title before Tye Dillinger whined and cried and got into the match, reducing his chance of victory to 33.3%. And why does he get in off a fluke victory? Because he's friends with Styles and Bryan? Well, what's not a fluke is that he's gonna break them in half.

Hype Bros make their entrance and we're shown a video from a few weeks ago of Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin trying to break up an argument between the Brothers Hype.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder)

Gable and Rawley to start, Chad goes behind with a waistlock, standing switch but the Olympian rolls on through and grabs a wristlock and makes the tag. Arm wringer to an elbow to the shoulder, Shelton tags Gable right back in and he stays on Mojo's arm. Shoot off, Chad gets a waistlock, O'Connor roll gets two, but Rawley immediately wipes him out with a crossbody and declares him not hype.

Tag to Ryder, slingshot splash for two more, arm wringer to an armbar, Gable shoots him off, drop down, facebuster, Chad back in with an Oklahoma roll, stalemate and a handshake. Tagging Benjamin back in, he gets a side headlock, takes it over, Zack reverses to a headscissors, Shelton headstands out of it, back to the side headlock, Ryder shoots him off and gets wiped out with the shoulder block.

Drop down, leapfrog, arm drag blocked, ditto, sunset flip, Benjamin just sits down on him and Zack rolls him away for another stalemate, but Shelton takes the handshake and turns it into a thrust spinebuster! He dumps Ryder outside and we take a quick break for a house ad.

Back from or break, Gable hits a bridging northern lights suplex for a one count and tags Benjamin back in. Hammerlock, Zack fights back and Shelton lands an awesome high-angle tossing spinebuster before hammer whipping him to the corner and tagging Chad back in. Whip, Ryder dodges a knee into a schoolboy but he can't put the Olympian away. Big forearm gets Gable hot and he pummels Zack in the corner!

Benjamin tags back in, forearms of his own, crumpling Ryder in the corner, setting him up top but Zack fights him off with body blows and drops him down, missile dropkick! Tags all around, Rawley clears house, catches Gable on a crossbody but he escapes on the pass to the fireman's carry. Off the ropes, Mojo catches him with a huge tilt-a-whirl slam!

Chad up top for a moonsault, nobody home, he lands on his feet and plants Rawley with a belly-to-belly suplex. Back up top, the moonsault connects... NOT ENOUGH! Tag to Shelton, double knees, back suplex bulldog... MOJO RAWLEY LIVES! Benjamin throwing forearms, Rawley refusing to lose the hype, getting fired up, duck a lariat... POUNCE! He passes Gable into a boot from Zack and tags Ryder in!

Hoisting Benjamin up but he blocks, Zack jumps down to argue, Paydirt connects... MOJO BREAKS IT UP! Shelton and Chad dump Rawley out of the ring, Benjamin gets Ryder up...

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin win by pinfall with the powerbomb / diving bulldog combination.

After the match, we cut right to panel discussion of the match followed by them shilling for the WWE Network some more. Cut to the Usos backstage getting ready for their match, and then in turn to New Day, where Xavier Woods is practicing his boxing on pads with pictures of the Usos on them. A video package and panel discussion for the tag team Hell in a Cell match follows.

The video package for Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens follows, with the obligatory panel discussion after to close the pre-show out as the cell descends.

The main show opens with a video package of past Hell in a Cell highlights, ranging from Mick Foley falling off the top to Mick Foley falling through the top and all points in between before shifting to bits and bobs of recap of tonight's major matches.

Big E does the deal and New Day make their entrance. Kofi Kingston says it's about to be a jailbreak in Detroit Rock City tonight, and Xavier Woods says tonight, two teams enter, one team leaves, and he gives the stats of the Cell to inform us how real it is. Kofi says it could be their greatest weapon, with the Usos talking about having the division on lock.

But what they fail to understand is that New Day have the keys. Big E goes to do New Day rocks but stops himself short saying the Usos might have their Penitentiary, but today will be the New Day Apocalypse. Call your priest, because they're gonna do some biblical doom and gloom and crush them mind, body, and soul under five tons of steel.

New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) (c) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

We have a faceoff before both teams go out for plunder. Big E has a chain, Xavier Woods has a rainbow kendo stick, Jey Uso has a plain kendo stick and Jimmy has a chair that he whips at Xavier! Pairing off and brawling, Woods slides under Jey's attack and lays him out with an elbow strike before yelling in his face and collecting E's chain. WHEELBARROW FIST DROP WITH A CHAIN-WRAPPED FIST!

Cover's only good for a nearfall, Jey to the apron where he sidesteps Big E's spear through the ropes and the big man wipes out on the steel! Jimmy crushes Woods against the cage with a suicide dive! Big off hte ropes again, this time the spear connects and Jimmy tastes the steel! Xavier rolls an Uso back inside and collects Francesca 2000 Turbo before cracking her across Jey!

E hands him another trombone from under the ring, Woods winds up and again Jey tastes the brass! Big comes up with a cowbell this time and Xavier holds it high before tapping a rhythm out and putting it into Jey's gut! Across his back, E comes up with a mallet and a cymbal! Woods rings it out and waffles Jey's back with the cymbal! Setting him up for a double-team... JIMMY THROWS A CHAIR AT XAVIER'S FACE FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!

Usos working quick, nearfall off a superkick to E, Jimmy tosses a kendo stick to his brother, three sticks between them and they beat Big with them in turn, breaking them over their knee for good measure after eatch shot! The New Day rainbow stick in play... TANDEM STRIKE! Jey punching Woods in the face against the cage, right in front of Kofi, choking him with a kendo stick, holding him in place... HIP ATTACK!

Back in the ring, stalking Big E, but he ducks the kendo stick and rallies, firing off a belly-to-belly on Jey but Jimmy catches him on the apron with a forearm. Big rams him back-first into the post and takes a superkick in turn... BIG E WITH THE HUGE ROCK BOTTOM OFF THE APRON INTO A LUNGBLOWER FROM XAVIER! Woods clutching his knee but fighting on, they roll Uso into the ring and set him up for Midnight Hour... JEY MAKES THE SAVE!

E sends Jey back outside with a lariat over the ropes as Woods goes and gets five(!) kendo sticks from under the ring, one wrapped in the rainbow tape. Clubbing Jey with it in the same corner where the Usos wiped Xavier out, and they're gonna put him in jail... BY JAMMING THE KENDO STICKS IN THE CHAIN LINK AND LITERALLY TRAPPING JEY USO IN THE CORNER!

Headed back to Jimmy, throwing a stick at Jey for the hell of it, they rip Jimmy's shirt off and smash his face into the steel steps as inspiration dawns across Xavier's face and he climbs the turnbuckles. He stands atop the ringpost but Jey breaks it up before he can dive! Woods with a cartwheel on the apron, he takes a superkick from Jey, Jimmy looking for a dive but E cuts him off with a forearm!

540 enzuigiri wobbles E, Jey catches him into an electric chair, off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE DOOMSDAY DEVICE INTO THE WALL OF THE CAGE! The set Big up in the middle of the ring, one splash off the top, a second... BIG E YET LIVES! Jimmy keeping an eye on E while Jey goes looking for plunder and comes up with a pair of handcuffs! They cuff Big in the corner before cuffing Xavier's hands together, and go to work on Woods while referee Brian Nguyen checks on Big E.

They have Xavier hung from the ringpost, absolutely hammering him with the kendo stick! Shot after shot, an absolutely torturous beating! They pop Woods off and go over to Big E but he back body drops Jimmy with a righteous furty! Jey off the ropes, belly-to-belly suplex, and E picks Jimmy up and spears him bodily into the cage! Again, this time putting him INTO Jey as Kofi cheers him on!

Back inside, the straps are down, Big Ending... NOT ENOUGH! Big catches a superkick... STRETCH MUFFLER! JIMMY BREAKS IT UP WITH A SUPERKICK! ANOTHER! STEREO SUPERKICKS! STEREO SPLASHES... XAVIER WOODS MAKES THE SAVE STILL HANDCUFFED! E rolls out of the ring to try and recover, inadvertently leaving Xavier to the Usos, kendo sticks in hand. They fire shots but Xavier just gets fired up and beats 'em back down handcuffed!

Jimmy grabs a sleeper hold and Jey beats Woods off of him with a kendo stick! Collecting a chair, Xavier still throwing defiant shots, they put a chair on top of him and climb on top...

The Usos win by pinfall with chair-assisted stereo diving splashes, winning the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Kofi Kingston checks on his teammates with the assistance of a few referees while the Usos walk out, titles in hand.

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage about the change to his title match tonight. He gets where Daniel Bryan was coming from, not that he likes it, because as champion he doesn't have to be beat to lose the title. He gets that Tye wants his fight, but he was gonna prove once and for all that he had Baron's number tonight. But instead, he's gonna prove why he's United States Champion, and to quote the late, great Tom Petty, "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down."

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

Circling, collar and elbow, Orton grabs a side headlock, Rusev shoots him off and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, Randy catches a kick but the RKO is denied and the Bulgarian Brute slides outside, wagging a finger at the Viper. Collar and elbow again, Rusev backing him into the corner and throwing repeated shoulder thrusts until referee Dan Engler warns him off.

Stomps in the corner follow, and again Engler counts. Whip, Orton hits a lariat into the Garvin Stomp and one to the midsection for good measure. Setting up the rope-hung DDT, Rusev blocks and snaps his neck over the top rope before shoulder blocking Randy off the apron and into the barricade! Outside after him, fallaway slam into the barricade and back inside but the cover's only good for two.

Stomping away against the ropes, axehandle to the shoulder, followed by a kick and the Bulgarian Brute goes to the mat with a reverse chinlock, keeping Orton on his knees. To his feet, a headbutt breaks, right hands across the brow, whip reversed and Rusev hits the spinning wheel kick for a quick cover! Back outside, the Viper ducks a lariat and hits the back suplex into the barricade!

Rusev retaliates with a lariat, back inside, again the cover gets two, and this time the Bulgarian Brute follows up with a pair of elbow drops. Disdainful kicks, Rusev declares his day again and my Network feed drops for a second, sorry folks. When I get it back, Rusev comes off the ropes into a series of lariats but he's able to duck the powerslam! Another momentary drop, again my apologies, and when it comes back Rusev stops the rope-hung DDT and lays Randy out with a kick for a nearfall!

The Bulgarian Brute declares his intent to machka and fires off a stomp but the Viper has the Accolade scouted and bails outside! Rusev runs around after him and hits the thrust kick! Back inside, Rusev climbs to the second turnbuckle for a diving headbutt... NOBODY HOME! To the apron, Randy grabs a wristlock, fires a kick, grabs the facelock, lets him suffer for a second in anticipation and plants him with the rope-hung DDT!

Going to that place, pounding the mat but Rusev grabs his wrists and floats over for the Accolade! Randy scrambles away...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO.

We get a house ad for TLC and a combination KFC/WWE 2K18 ad before getting a glimpse of Shane McMahon, deep in thought backstage.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger (WWE United States Championship)

Three-way stand-off at first until Tye and AJ turn to Baron. Corbin bails and the other two follow after him in a pincer, leading the Lone Wolf to run back in the ring for his beating! Forearms, two on one, and a double clothesline sends the Lone Wolf outside! Dillinger with a schoolbody, Styles out, O'Connor roll, prawn hold, Russian legsweep from the Perfect Ten in return for a nearfall.

Off the ropes, leapfrog, drop down, dropkick and the champ is back in charge... until he hits the ropes and Baron yanks him out of the ring and drops him on the floor. Back in, Tye bringing it to him with forearms, mounted punches in the corner but he only gets to two before Corbin crotches him on the top rope and knocks him off with a right hand. Styles back in, throwing chops, off the ropes and Baron lays him out with a shoulder block!

Drawing the champion up for a forearm, off the ropes he has a dropkick scouted and the Lone Wolf plants a kick to AJ's ribs before knocking Dillinger off the apron for good measure. Forearm in the corner, stomps, a biel sends Styles across the ring, stomping away in the opposite corner, but Tye low bridges him when he tries to knock him down again!

Match breaking down, a Gallon Throw puts Styles into Dillinger and the Lone Wolf passes him into the post after! Choking Tye under the turnbuckles, drawing him up for a punch to the face, overhead elbows, stomps, and AJ draws himself up the apron only to get knocked right back down by Corbin. The break lets Dillinger throw body blows, but he runs the ropes and gets wiped right out with an uppercut for his trouble.

Baron shifts his attention to the champion again, trying to put him into the barricade but AJ reverses on him! Throwing hands, whip reversed and now Styles takes the barricade hard! Back inside, a superkick from the Perfect Ten blocked but he starts throwing chops, whip, Corbin sends him spiraling with a right hook for a nearfall! Up for a half nelson neck crank, Tye fading, he goes to Styles on the apron but the champ fights him off with shoulders.

Looking to slingshot in... CORBIN KNOCKS HIM OUT OF THE AIR WITH A PUNCH! Beating on Dillinger some more, jawing at him, pummeling him in the corner, forearms on forearms but the cover is only good for two and he dumps Tye outside and goes back to AJ. Styles ducking punches and throwing in return, punches on punches, whip reversed, duck the fireman's carry, Styles Rush!

Enzuigiri, sliding forearm, calling for the Styles Clash but the Lone Wolf back body drops him to the apron. Low bridging Corbin on a charge, sliding knee, back in, Dillinger with a Hot Shot and a back body drop, the mounted punches in the corner, finishing on Baron when he gets onto the apron, setting the champion up top, big chop but AJ slides under the superplex and puts his face into the turnbuckle.

Snap Russian legsweep gets the Perfect Ten a nearfall, he takes the knee pad down, fireman's carry but Styles slips out, Styles Clash countered but AJ gutwrenches him back into it! Tye blocks with upside down kicks and Styles rolls through into the Calf Killer! Corbin pulls Dillinger out of the ring to keep the match running! Phenomenal Forearm to the outside!

The Lone Wolf puts AJ into the ringpost, back inside with Dillinger and he gets a small package nearfall, reverses the chokebreaker into a victory roll pin for another... DEEP SIX! Styles back at it, a forearm, he springboards... COUNTERED INTO THE CHOKEBREAKER! Baron standing tall, his opponents in either corner, body avalanches, AJ dodges one and hits charging lariats.

Tye dodges one in turn, charging chops, a superkick for Corbin, Styles hits the Pele kick and Dillinger drops into a cover on Baron... NOT ENOUGH! AJ and Tye going at it, Styles knocks Dillinger outside, dodges a charge from Corbin to put him into the post, springboard 450 splash... TYE DILLINGER BREAKS IT UP! Hobbling, Dillinger draws Styles up and throws chops but AJ kicks his leg out of his leg.

Partial back drop in the corner, holding on, fireman's carry, AJ slips out, springboards in with the Phenomenal Forearm but Baron charges in and knocks him to the outside...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with a lateral press, winning the United States Championship.

We get a video package for WWE's efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya (c) (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship)

Charlotte off the ropes with a "Wooo!", go behind into a schoolboy pin and already a nearfall. Collar and elbow, tossing each other around, Natalya backs her into the corner and shoves her hard on the break. Again with the schoolboy from Flair, another nearfall, shove and a strut, Nattie picks the legs in return, thinking Sharpshooter, Charlotte counters, stalemate!

Flair Flip, slingshot in for a sunset flip but Neidhart stops her short and starts stomping away at the leg! Stretching it over the bottom rope, kicking her knee out from under her and Nattie fires a bunch of forearms to the back for good measure. More stomps to the leg, drawing her up, dragon screw into a sit-down leglock, wrenching away. Flair uses her other leg to reverse but Neidhart stays on her with a chop block that gets a nearfall.

Staying on the leg, snapping it against the mat, kicking it out from under her as she tries to get up, another cover, another two count. Picking the legs, more kicks, spinning toehold into a prison lock, punishing Charlotte here but she's able to reverse to an ankle lock but Natalya gets the ropes easily. Another chop block, smashing Flair's face into the mat, posting the knee into the mat after.

Charlotte trying a comeback, Nattie hits the discus lariat and goes back to the knee, but Flair's fighting mad to stay away from her. Drawing herself up the ropes, she gets the good leg up and manages to put the champion into the turnbuckles. Backslide in the middle of the ring is good for a nearfall, throwing chops on one leg, knocking Neidhart down and managing a one-legged strut!

Knee drop to the back of the head, boot to the face, her leg holds up through the exploder suplex and Flair hobbles her way up the turnbuckles only for Natalya to cut her off and hit a revolution sit-out powerbomb... NOT ENOUGH! Getting frustrated, trying repeated covers to no avail until Charlotte catches a crucifix pin nearfall to move things along.

Exchanging strikes, off the ropes, Flair meets her with the big boot but the damage to the left leg means she can't capitalize! Picking the leg for the figure four but Nattie easily boots her challenger out of the ring and puts her knee-first into the steel steps! Back inside, picking the legs and stepping through, the Sharpshooter applied in the middle of the ring!

Charlotte crawling, desperate, and she manages to roll through and put Neidhart's head into the bottom turnbuckle! Giant step, again climbing the turnbuckles and this time Nattie rolls outside to the apron, where a kick knocks her down. Flair hobbles her way across to the next corner, she gets up top... MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! The damage done, Natalya decides on a shortcut, gets a chair...

Charlotte Flair wins by disqualification.

Nattie keeps wailing on her leg with the chair before going and getting the title, holding it high over her head as she leaves and referees attend to Charlotte and her leg.

We get some hype for tonight's Talking Smack, which will feature the Usos, Baron Corbin, and AJ Styles.

It's Fashion Files time!

We get a fancy new intro promising NO special appearance from the cast of the Entourage. Tyler Breeze brings in a box of evidence and Fandango puts something into it as they declare the 2B case closed. They remember it like it was yesterday and we get a flashback visual effect but no flashback. The perp was guilty and locked up behind bars, where he belongs.

Two guys who definitely aren't the Ascension make a delivery of a tube. Tyler says "tube" over and over and realizes the similarity to 2B, having a freakout over putting an innocent man in jail. They unfurl the poster and it's a picture of the Ascension with "We want 2B your friends" written on it. Breezango write the Ascension off calling them smelly idiots and the delivery men unmask as the Ascension!

They're appropriately bummed that they don't want to be friends and take their leave. There's a knock on the door and Breeze opens it to reveal a briefcase. Fandango wants to open it together and they do, revealing a golden light. It's not just a briefcase, it's a new case.

Pulp Fashion will be on SmackDown this Tuesday.

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship)

Circling, Nakamura throwing probing kicks, he offers a test of strength and Mahal takes it as a fakeout to grab a wristlock. Shinsuke rolls his way to a reversal, taking him down through a hammerlock and a waistlock into an armbar but Jinder both keeps his hands locked and gets a foot on the ropes. Wristlock, Mahal trying to grab a waistlock, to the corner for a dirty break but Nakamura ducks it and tells him to get in for more!

Knee lift, a knee drop, Good Vibrations in the corner, an enzuigiri gets a nearfall and he follows it up with the vicious grounded knees, sneding the champion scurrying to the outside. Following after, Jinder puts him back-first into the post a few times and then over the barricade, hoping for a countout. Rolling back in, Mahal welcomes him with stomps, a slingshot knee drop, and a choke.

To the middle of the ring, crossface blows into a kneeling rear chinlock, putting Shinsuke into the mat when it looks like he may escape. Overhead elbows, half nelson neck crank, breaking momentarily to punish him further before going back to it. Nakamura to his feet, he escapes, a knee connects, 540 reverse roundhouse off the ropes with a leaping boot, firing chest kicks and wiping the champion out!

Big corner knee lift, into a cover for a nearfall! Going for the inverted exploder suplex, Mahal fights him off with elbows and Shinsuke ends up back body dropping him to the outside! Baseball slide, he sets him up on the apron, takes the Singh Brothers out and waylays him with a charging knee but Jinder has the guillotine knee drop scouted!

Drawing Nakamura up to the apron, he suplexes him back in the ring and follows it up with a dropkick for two. Bellowing, calling for Khallas, he gets the clutch on but Nakmaura fights him off and reverses to a victory roll pin for a nearfall! Flurry of strikes, the champion ducks a roundhouse kick, up to the second rope... diving Kinshasa!

The Singh Brothers run interference, Nakamura grabs a waistlock and knocks one off the apron, a schoolboy gets two, he drives Jinder's face into the mat and goes back to the Singhs and referee Charles Robinson has had enough and ejects them! Kinshasa connects in the middle of the ring, but Robinson is delayed getting back and Mahal is able to get the bottom rope!

In the corner, firing up for it again but Jinder bails to the timekeeper's area. Shinsuke follows after but Mahal is able to crotch him back in. Cobra clutch hooked, Nakamura slips away, charges in for Kinshasa, Jinder sidesteps, grabs the cobra clutch again...

Jinder Mahal wins by pinfall with Khallas, retaining the WWE Championship.

Kevin Owens is interviewed backstage but he waves the interviewer off and takes the mic himself.

He says Hell in a Cell is the most unforgiving structure in the history of WWE, and we know this because commentary always talks about how nobody's the same after being in it. But what they SHOULD be talking about is who the most dangerous and unforgiving man in WWE is, and that's him. People have the gall to be offended at him for talking about Shane's family and beating up his dad, but did anybody think about his family when Shane threatened his livelihood and screwed him out of the United States Championship?

Shane McMahon is the definition of a bad person, he tries to make those that work for him feel lesser. But tonight he doesn't work for Shane, and he doesn't care if he has to strip every inch of flesh off his face, he's ready to go that far to make sure he gets the message. Tonight, for everything he's put him through, he's sending Shane right to hell, where he belongs.

Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph's entrance, for the record, was his normal one to start before a record scratch lead the music to shut off and the tron to go dark.

Circling, Ziggler goes low and tries to pick the leg but Roode gets into the ropes and forces the break. Back to circling, collar and elbow, Dolph with a side headlock and he blocks the shoot-off by sliding low. Bobby reverses, waistlock takedown to a ride and he declares it glorious. Ziggler in hard but Roode drop toeholds him and puts the side headlock back on!

Dolph gets to his feet and to the corner but breaks dirty with a boot, raining punches down in the corner. Bobby explosive out of the corner with a lariat, a one-handed bulldog puts the Show-Off into the corner and Roode rains stomps down. Whip, kick to the face but Bobby gets a back elbow off and follows it with a nearfall elbow drop. Drawing him up, but Ziggler snaps his neck over the top rope.

Back in with a dropkick, lateral press gets two and he scrapes Roode's eye across the top rope after. Choking him over the middle rope, Rude Awakening gets two and Dolph takes it back to the mat after with a top wristlock. Shifting to a reverse chinlock, Bobby fights out with punches and gets kicks in return. Off the ropes, duck a lariat but Dolph grabs the sleeper hold!

Taking it to the mat, bodyscissors in but Roode is able to get up and counter with a back suplex. Bobby sidesteps a charge, leading Ziggler to eat ringpost. Throwing punches, whip reversed, boots up, diving blockbuster, only a nearfall! Glorious DDT called for, countered into a victory roll pin for a nearfall, Dolph lands the big pop-up DDT, again just a nearfall!

Drama around the sleeper, Bobby throwing elbows to block, but Dolph gets it on. Back suplex counter, Ziggler lands on his feet, Fameasser connects... NO GOOD! Tuning up the band, Roode sidesteps the superkick and plants him with the spinning spinebuster! Glorious DDT... Ziggler reverses to a schoolboy pin! O'Connor roll, handful of tights, they reverse it a few times...

Bobby Roode wins by pinfall with an O'Connor roll and a handful of tights.

Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag immediately after the pin is counted!

Commentary shills for the WWE Network for a bit before we move on with the show.

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match)

McMahon fires the first shot with a baseball slide and they brawl up the aisle! Shane throwing knees against the barricade, whip across, punches on punches but Owens fights back with straight rights. McMahon kicks his leg out of his leg and hits a diving lariat off the barricade soon after! Cartwheel kick and KO seeks refuge in the Cell only for Shane to kick the door into his face!

The door shut, outside referee Brian Nguyen locks it behind them and Owens dropkicks McMahon into the Cell unholy! Grinding his face into the chain link right in front of his kids like he promised! Mockingly doing Shane's shuffle, following after him, clubbing away and throwing him into the steel steps before choking him on the floor! Picking up the big bottom step, dragging it over, Kev drops it in place.

Shane firing off kicks to the midsection, into the ring but Owens cuts him off as he gets in and stomps away at him, choking him against the ropes. Right hands to the side of the head, a kick to boot, a short-arm lariat into a senton and KO gets a nearfall. Headbutt in the corner, knee to the face, cannonball! Only a nearfall, and Kev jaws at Shane's kids, telling them HE should be their rolemodel.

Up top, Swanton... the knees were up! Shane staggered but throwing punches, backing Owens into the corner, whipping him across and catching him with a corkscrew back elbow! Shuffling, feeling it, a flurry of punches, boot into the corner, KO gets an elbow up but McMahon lands a float-over DDT! Positioning him... SHOOTING STAR PRESS BUT OWENS ROLLED AWAY!

Owens comes off the top with the frog splash... NO GOOD! Off the ropes, pop-up powerbomb... SHANE COUNTERS INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE! KO manages to pull out to the floor but Shane locks it back on from the apron! OWENS POWERBOMBS MCMAHON INTO THE STEPS! ONLY A NEARFALL! McMahon tries to draw himself up the cage while Owens asks why he made him do this.

Kev comes over with stomps before heading under the ring for plunder and coming out with a table! He sets it up leaning in the corner of the cage and gets Shane onto it. To the apron, cannonball... MCMAHON GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND OWENS GOES THROUGH THE TABLE! A one-handed cover... NOPE! McMahon picks up half of the table and waffles it across KO's back!

Another shot with the broken table and Shane goes under the ring for plunder of his own, coming up with his trademark trash can and throwing it in the ring. One more shot with the table, back inside, slingshot knee drop in the corner, he sets up the can on Owens and heads across the ring... COAST TO COAST! KO GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES AND SOMEHOW REFEREE MIKE CHIODA STOPS HIS COUNT!

McMahon heads over and demands Nguyen unlock the door, but he's not having it, so he takes matters into his own hands and goes and gets the bolt cutters and cuts the lock off! Back in the ring to hammer Owens with the trash can, crumpling it across his back to send the fighting back into the entryway. Kev lands a DDT on the diamond plate ramp! ATOMIC DROP CROTCH-FIRST INTO THE DOOR!

Shane clutching his gentleman's area as Owens comes around to scrap his face against the chain link on the outside now. He clears an announce table and headbutts him onto it! Climbing the barricade... but KO eyeballs the Cell. He checks his wrist like he's looking for the time and decides to climb! He's atop the Cell, twenty feet high... but he can't force himself to jump.

Jawing at the crowd, McMahon revives and begins climbing up the cage himself, Owens meeting him with punches! Shane dangling by one arm but he manages to throw punches back and get up top with him! FRYE/TAKAYAMA PUNCHES ON TOP OF HELL IN A CELL! SHANE HITS A RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! PUNCHES AND A SCOOP SLAM BUT SHANE IS TOO SPENT TO PRESS THE ATTACK!

Back to throwing punches, McMahon lands a straight suplex, the Cell roof flexing more and more with every spot! Owens fires a superkick off and follows it with a senton! Looking for the powerbomb... SHANE COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP! Both men staggering, again trading punches, KO looking to pop him up but McMahon stays planted on solid roof at first. Third try... POP-UP POWERBOMB! THE ROOF HOLDS!

Owens to his feet, considering his options, looking to throw Shane bodily off the Cell but McMahon stops himself short! Clubbing each other, Kev drops him with a forearm smash and decides discretion is the better part of valor, climbing down the back down the cage wall. Shane follows, throwing punches to the kidneys, smashing his face into the wall... OWENS COMES OFF THE CELL AND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!

EMTs are right to hand as McMahon climbs down after. They check on Owens but Shane waves them off after a moment, crawling over for the cover, but he hesitates. Dragging KO over, he clears the middle announce table and puts Owens on it with a headbutt of his own! SHANE CLIMBS BACK UP THE CELL! SWEAT DRIPS DOWN HIS NOSE AS HE CONSIDERS IT AT THE EDGE OF THE CELL, HE CROSSES HIMSELF... ELBOW DROP OFF THE CELL BUT OWENS MOVED! NO, SAMI ZAYN PULLED OWENS OUT OF THE WAY!



Sami Zayn looks on, consider what he's done as the EMTs continue to treat Shane McMahon. He's stretchered out as a referee and an EMT help Kevin Owens to the back.

Shane gives a thumbs up right as he gets to the entry.

That's the show, folks.

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