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Chris Jericho is never going to retire

During a recent episode of the Ross Report, Chris Jericho was asked about retirement by Jim Ross and it’s nice for once that he’s not even playing coy with his answer (via Wrestling Inc):

"No, I am not there; never. The last run I had in 2016 with Kevin Owens and the Festival of Friendship and all that stuff, it was one of my favorite runs, one of my top two favorite runs."

And later:

"I enjoyed the Kevin Owens storyline so much. Once it ended, I knew that I needed to get away for a while because I knew there was nothing that can compare to that. It's good to step away and step aside for a bit, but when the time comes I am sure I will be back, but until then I am so busy that you will be seeing me all the time anyways."

Chris Jericho is what it would look like if WWE had an offseason. He gets to come around, get a few catchphrases over, have a few good matches, one really amazing feud, put someone over, and then go off to his other gigs.

That’s a hell of a deal we should all be hopeful doesn’t end anytime soon. And maybe we should remember how nice it is when considering part-time scheduled for older performers.

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