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WWE eSports Showdown leads to more AJ Styles tantrums, Cesaro-destroyed beach balls, a New Day win and more

WWE’s first “eSports Showdown” went down in New York last night (Oct. 5), and the culmination of three years worth of work by Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) did not disappoint.

The 100 minute live stream of wrestlers gaming had a very sports entertainment feel, with angles, swerves, a heel announcer and the promise of a rematch-filled sequel. The guys and gals brought their characters from Creed’s UpUpDownDown YouTube channel with them and extended angles, like Bayley’s rivalry with Sasha Banks...

... and AJ Styles’ sore loser “gimmick”:

In the end, The Hugster walked out the first ever eSports Showdown tag champ and a New Day vs. New Day final (“the Battle for Big E’s love”) resulted in a stunning comeback for Mr. 24/7.

Check out our playlist of highlights above, featuring:

  • Xavier Woods thanks the audience
  • Bayley demands a spot in the tournament
  • AJ Styles breaks a controller
  • Cesaro destroys another beach ball
  • Bayley and Sasha Banks introduce their partners
  • Xavier Woods pies Greg Miller in the face

Or watch the whole thing here. And remember to always and forever... KEEP. IT. TIGHT.

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