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WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has ‘unfinished business’ with Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski

Remember at WrestleMania 33 when Jinder Mahal threw a drink on Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots Tight End jumped the barricade to help cost him the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Mahal, who is now WWE champion, certainly does!

And he’s got plans on coming to get his pound of flesh at some point, as he told

“Rob Gronkowski cost me the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and I haven’t forgot that. There is definitely unfinished business between myself and Gronkowski, and I can guarantee he’ll be getting his receipt.”

They crossed paths on SmackDown Live not long after WrestleMania and Gronkowski got his drink-throwing revenge. Mahal has come a long way since then, however, as he’s the current WWE champion and leading the charge for the company into India later this year.

Perhaps there’s money to be made in another showdown between the two.


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