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A week before his NXT debut Triple H convinced Bobby Roode to change his entrance song

Almost not glorious? Luckily for fans and his career, Bobby Roode did give in when he was approached by Triple H with an idea.

With a single victorious backstage conversation, Roode’s NXT career was forever altered before it even started. In defense of Roode, who knew that his theme song “Glorious Domination” by CFO$ would fit perfectly with his character.

Well according to Roode himself, it was none other than Triple H who convinced the former TNA star to change his entrance theme music.

In a new interview with ESPN, Roode explains how close he was to going in a different direction with his entrance song.

"It wasn't me at all, actually. I had a different song picked out," Roode said. "I was about to debut on NXT and about a week later or two, as I waited for some paperwork to be finished up, I had a conversation with Triple H about the character and what I wanted to do. He came up to me that TV taping and said, 'hey I've got this song that we have and I think it kind of fits your character a little better, so why don't you have a listen?'

"So it could've went one of two ways: it could've really sucked or it could've been really great. And it's been better than great -- glorious, I guess you could say. The song itself was a blessing, it's been a gift because in this business, everyone talks about the entrance but without the song, there is no entrance."

Oh, so glorious. Until the end…...until the end.

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