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Cody Rhodes isn’t mad about War Games because Dusty and Triple H were friends

Ring of Honor World champ Cody (Rhodes) has been vocal when he thinks WWE isn’t properly honoring his father’s legacy. So coming so quickly after he and his wife were unhappy about how the company was using the Starrcade brand Dusty was so closely associated with, lots of fans were interested to see what The American Nightmare would have to say about War Games.

Legend has it the elder Rhodes created the stipulation, where two rings are encased by a rectangular cage, after seeing Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. It’s at least as linked to Dusty as Starrcade.

Cody didn’t hesitate to offer his take:

There you go. Just tell him, and let one of his dad’s friends book and promote it, and there won’t be no problem with the Rhodes.

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