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Triple H is ‘gutted’ to miss his first NXT taping ever, but he has some old friends covering for him

Over the past five or so years, Triple H’s image has morphed from that of an attention-seeking performer to a reason to have hope for the future of WWE. Much of the change in the way wrestling fans view him comes from his stewardship of the company’s developmental system. Hunter is so closely identified as the “father of NXT” that he’s never missed a taping of its WWE Network show.

Until now.

The Game is in India to announce upcoming main roster live shows and continue the company’s push into a key market, but it means he’s missing the production at Full Sail tonight (Oct. 4):

Luckily, Haitch has built a behind-the-scenes team which closely resembles one he used to run with on-screen:

Problem is, when they were together in The Attitude Era, those guys weren’t exactly known for maintaining order and keeping things running smoothly*, so Trips doesn’t seem thrilled these D-Generates are guiding his ship:

Let’s get ready to...

* Surely, Road Dogg and HBK have matured and can now be trusted to professionally deliver a quality wrestling program without adult supervision. Probably.

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