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Seth Rollins thinks fans have already made up their minds on Roman Reigns

Bit of an old quote making the rounds today courtesy of PWInsider, but one that’s relevant for a couple reasons.

One, wrestling fans never seem to tire of debating Roman Reigns - or specifically how other wrestling fans react to him. Two, we are about to experience a reunion of The Shield, so Seth Rollins’ thoughts on that and how it might affect The Big Dog’s cheer-to-boo ratio are especially apropos right now.

Rollins’ comments are from the WWE 2K18 launch party that happened before SummerSlam in August. This was back before a Hounds of Justice comeback was even in the rumor mill, but Seth was asked if a 2017 run for The Shield would help Reigns - and the fact we’re about to find out only makes them more interesting:

“I, for one, am open to the idea of it. Whether it helps Roman or not, it helps me. I truly enjoy being out there with those guys. We shared some great times in the ring. If it happens, it happens. If not, we'll all be fine.

I think the people that decide to boo Roman, they've made up their minds. Some of them do it for fun. The rest out of spite. Who knows? The guy works hard.”

The Kingslayer sounds like he’d be a guy who even if he wasn’t leading the Roman Empire in cheers when The Guy hit the stage, he’d probably be rolling his eyes at anyone who booed him.

Is Seth right that Reigns entering through the crowd with his brothers by his side won’t change those fans’ jeers into heat, though?

Personally, I’m guessing he is. Even if The Big Dog gets cheered for however long this reunion lasts, he’ll go back to 50/50 (at best) reactions when he’s back on his own. Especially if his singles story continues on to a WrestleMania coronation his detractors feel is unwarranted or forced.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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