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Team Hell No reuniting to get Tennessee voters to say YES YES YES to Mayor Kane

Jacobs for Mayor on Facebook

Their politics don’t seem like a match, seeing as one voted Green in the last Presidential election and the other is a libertarian-leaning Republican. But in real life and kayfabe, these two have always been an odd pairing. And it worked in WWE, so why not Tennessee politics?

Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson heads to Knoxville tomorrow for an event to raise money for Glenn “Kane” Jacobs run for Mayor of Knox County. If their alliance was good enough to earn them the tag team titles, it should be good enough to build the old campaign war chest, right?

They’re not shying away from their wrestling roots, either. Jacobs has embraced them throughout his run, from the fire in his campaign logo to fundraisers and photo ops with the likes of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Ricky Morton. But the Team Hell No reunion at an event called “The Yes, Yes, Yes-Fest” might be the most overt shout out to the candidate’s legendary career in sports entertainment yet.

No word on whether Dr. Shelby will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly, but there will be cornhole!

Sadly, it looks like this is replacing the previously announced “Big Show-berfest”, but hopefully Kane can re-schedule his other championship tag partner for another date before election day.

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