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Matt Hardy is teasing a gimmick change, if you still care

Last weekend, Matt Hardy cut his hair and posted a very “Broken” sounding promo online, and it barely caused a ripple on the Lake of Transformation.

Time was, the slightest hint of Matt reverting to the form fans grew to love in TNA would have them salivating like a side of piquant green beans. But while “DELETE” chants can still be heard in arenas (whether a Hardy is there or not, honestly), it seems we’ve accepted that Anthem Entertainment’s stance on intellectual property means Hardy might have to remain whole.

With tag partner and younger brother Jeff sidelined for a while, there may be a new opportunity for Matt to reinvent himself, however. Trying to keep fans from booing Jason Jordan isn’t a full-time gig, and it’s not like “Broken” is the only innovation Hardy’s ever come up with. Hell, the word “version” was built into one of his early solo runs.

His latest tease, posted this morning (Oct. 4) on Twitter still uses the dialect we learned to love in his last couple of incarnations, but doesn’t rule out leading somewhere entirely new:

What say you, Cagesiders? Are you still holding out for a return to “Broken Brilliance”, or you ready for something new from the ever fertile mind of Matt Hardy?

Or are you just hoping we get V1 or Big Money Matt?

Let us know what you’re thinking below.

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