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Drew Gulak is a treasure

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Not much to add to the above video, at least not that I haven’t covered on at least two occassions in the past but...

Drew Gulak is doing more with limited minutes as Raw and 205 Live’s comedy heel than anyone since some cat named Jericho broke out in the same role as one of WCW’s cruiserweights.

He may have gotten dorked on a Kickoff appearance before TLC (unless that was always an angle to give him something else to complain about, in which case, bravo everyone!), but hopefully the fact he’s been getting a mic on Mondays in addition to on WWE Network after SmackDown is a good sign for his future.

I know it’s good for me, because I can’t get enough of the dude. Whether it’s cosplaying as Sasha Banks or giving the cheesiest thumbs up ever to nail a joke I knew was coming but laughed out loud at anyway...

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Bring on the Drew-topia.