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Mad Samoa Joe returns to Raw to cut promo on ungrateful fans


Another return? Tonight’s (Oct. 30) Monday Night Raw had not one, not two but three rumored or flat out surprise returns within the first 30 minutes of the show.

As Nia Jax was walking off stage victorious, Samoa Joe’s music hit and the former Universal title challenger came back to Raw off the injured list.

The Baltimore, Maryland crowd had a good reaction to Joe’s surprise return but that loud reaction was not loud enough for the former NXT champion.

After Joe cut a promo on the WWE fan’s for basically being ungrateful and not missing him enough, Apollo Crews of all people came out to the ring for a match.

Not great advice from Titus Worldwide.

In fact, horrible management from Titus O’Neil.

Where does Samoa Joe now fit on the Raw roster? What will Joe be doing at Survivor Series?

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