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Brie Bella says she 100% supports Daniel Bryan wrestling again

The moment Kurt Angle was cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle at TLC, everyone in the pro wrestling community slowly turned their heads in the direction of Daniel Bryan.

If one onscreen WWE authority figure, with a history of neck injuries and concussions, can be cleared to wrestle than why not the other?

With maybe the only hurdle left to clear being a WWE’s doctor’s seal of approval, according to Brie Bella the SmackDown GM has been doing everything in his power to try and get back in the ring.

In interview today (Oct. 30) with SiriusXM Busted Open, Bella spoke about her husband’s desire for another pro wrestling run.

Listen again and hear Brie Bella’s tone when host David LaGreca brings up if Kurt Angle’s return has increased Daniel Bryan’s desire to make a comeback.

Maybe not a question of if but when Bryan returns to the squared circle, will it be with the WWE or another company?

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