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Bobby Lashley is still chasing an UFC fight with Brock Lesnar


You have to respect Bobby Lashley. In world filled with people wanting to crush your dreams, Lashley is going after the biggest and maybe the most unrealistic fish in the pond.

It’s 2017 and Lashley still wants a mixed martial arts fight with Brock Lesnar.

Speaking with Hannibal TV, Lashley was asked when will the pro wrestling world get to see him fight Lesnar in MMA.

“It’s not on me, it’s on him. I’m not the type to call people out. I have mad respect for Brock and I have mad respect for everybody in the fight business and in the wrestling business. But I think it’s just one of those things that needs to be done.”

Lashley would add

“There’s big matchups all the way across the board. They looked at Brock fighting Jon Jones, that was one thing that was talked about, everybody was like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome!’ Floyd Mayweather fighting Conor [McGregor], these are different matchups that people want to see. I think right now people are starting to move more into that entertainment aspect of wanting to see those different contests and different matchups. Brock and myself, whether it’s in professional wrestling or whether it’s in a fight, I think it needs to be done.”

Then Lashley would end his call-out with a kind-of, sort-of prediction on how a fight would play out between him and Lesnar.

“Until the fight happens, no one knows. I think I would do well. I think our styles are very similar and I think it’s gonna be tit-for-tat in a lot of ways.”

By the time Lashley had his second professional MMA fight way back in 2008, Lesnar was already an UFC heavyweight champion. Fast forward nine years later, Lashley is 41 years old and Lesnar is 40 years old.

Will this fight ever happen? Does Bobby Lashley stand any type of chance in a MMA versus Brock Lesnar? No matter what your answers are it will not stop Lashley from endlessly chasing a big money Lesnar fight from now until the end of time.

(H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription)

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