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TMZ delivers not one but TWO big WWE scoops

TMZ doesn’t only do crappy stuff like release the 911 call Tom Petty’s wife made prior to his death. They also talk to your favorite WWE Superstars as they’re getting into their cars!

The celebrity news site got a couple of breaking news bulletins that way in the past 24 hours, first discovering John Cena thinks Vince McMahon is “a cute guy” by asking if the man rumored to play Vince in an upcoming biopic, Bradley Cooper, is too cute to play his boss:

Then, confirming that yes, the non-stop quotes and hype videos WWE’s dropped about former UFC champ Ronda Rousey over the years - not to mention Ronda’s several appearances for WWE - do mean the company would like to do business with her. Stephanie McMahon even admitted as much!

My favorite part of the Steph/Ronda “scoop” comes from the article on explaining “Vince’s daughter is super high up in the family biz ... so she would know.” That’s just good journalism-ing.

What would we do without you, TMZ? Other than not have access to audio of famous people’s spouses during terrible moments in their life, I mean.

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