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WWE SmackDown Live results (Oct. 3, 2017): Hell in a Cell go home show

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 3, 2017) from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) set for this Sunday night in Detroit.

Advertised for tonight: It’s the last show before the big event, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Sit down with me, let's have a drink. Back when the war ended, your great grandfather hand-wrote letters of apology to all of those families of the men who crewed that U-boat, haunted 'til his death by that long night off the coast. Your other great granddad came back from Arnhem transformed into a damaged and violent man, but me, I'm just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

As with yesterday's Raw, the show opens with the roster on the stage for a moment of reflection in memory of the lives lost in Las Vegas, and from there we get a recap video covering last week's portion of the feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal.

Live in the arena, Renee Young introduces Shinsuke for an interview. He thinks a moment before responding and says that sticks and stones may break his bones, but the words never hurt him. He says the greatest fear of all is the fear of the unknown, but Jinder will know when he beats him and becomes WWE Champion.

Enter the Singh Brothers. They're sorry to interrupt this "thrilling" interview but they have to introduce their guy in their usual fashion. He blindsides Nakamura in the ring and starts beating him down! Crossface blows into a stomp to the back, drawing him up but the King of Strong Style gets a rush off and lays him out with a roundhouse!

The Singhs run interference but Shinsuke dumps them with ease, refocusing on Mahal, who's back on his feet. He throws a few kicks but the Singhs grab his legs and allow Jinder to get a kick in that turns the tide. Putting the boots to him a moment, they raise the challenger up and the champ drops him with Khallas!

They celebrate over Nakamura's fallen body.

Commentary hypes up a face-to-face between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, but before that, we'll have a women's tag match after the break.

Back from commercial, it's October and so we get some hype for WWE's partnership with Susan G. Komen.

We then get entrances for our tag, interspersed with backstage footage of Natalya warning Carmella not to get any funny thoughts about cashing her Money in the Bank briefcase in.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella & Natalya

Lynch and Carmella to start, Carmella throws a slap and gets a few in return from Becky, quickly taking a breather. The babyfaces land a stereo baseball side on the heels and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Natalya is in control with a reverse chinlock on Lynch. Near escape, Nattie turns up the gas and cuts her off, taking her in the corner for a beatdown while referee Mike Chioda is distracted. Snap suplex, Becky returns with a snap O'Connor roll and makes the tag! Flair in hot with chops, clubbing Neidhart down, off the ropes with a knee drop to the back of the head and she struts after!

Fallaway slam, Nattie almost escapes and gets saved by Carmella anyway. Lynch and Carmella getting into it on the outside, Charlotte lands a spear but is denied the figure four as Natalya goes in the ropes for the break. Briefcase shot to Becky, Nattie lands a forearm to the back and takes Flair down, picking the legs and crossing them...

Carmella & Natalya win by submission with a Sharpshooter from Natalya on Charlotte Flair.

Commentary informs us that the Usos will be reading New Day their rights later and we go to break on a Hispanic Heritage Month video featuring Carlos Santana.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up Hell in a Cell and tosses to a video package about the Owens/McMahon feud.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage to send us back to break.

Back from commercial in time for entrances.

Bobby Roode vs. Mike Kanellis

Collar and elbow, Roo forcing Kanellis into the corner and breaking... gloriously. Mike cuts him off with punches before the taunt, knocking him down for mounted punches, but after he gets away for a second Bobby plants him with a spinebuster. He calls for it...

Bobby Roode wins by pinfall with the Glorious DDT.

Dolph Ziggler comes down to congratulate Bobby and tells him he's a big fan of the whole Roode production. He's been working on an entrance, and he demos it, with sirens ringing out. He cuts that and says he has another idea, heading to the back, and he comes back out with a bass drum strapped to his chest, beating an awkward rhythm out on it before ditching it and throwing confetti to the crowd.

He uses some noisemakers for a minute before grabbing an airhorn and blowing it a few times, including directly into the microphone. He asks if everybody's excited and likes him now before taking a perch on the turnbuckles. Ziggler says Roode thinks his entrance is everything, well congratulation, after all these years he finally weaseled his way into WWE through the back door.

But on Sunday he's gonna show the world an entrance they've never seen before. So bring all the smoke and mirrors you want, but at some point the bell has to ring and he'll expose Bobby for what he is, nothing more than an entrance, and that's all he'll ever be.

Roode stops her before he can leave and says Dolph wanted to know what he thought about his entrance, and it was terrible. He's doing it all wrong, because it goes a little like this, for a value of "this" that corresponds to the Glorious taunt and Bobby's music playing again.

Commentary shills for the WWE Network and pumps up Hell in a Cell before hyping up our previously announced festivities and sending us to break.

Back from commercial, the Usos make their entrance.

Jimmy says on Sunday it's not gonna be 3-on-2, and one of New Day are gonna be stuck on the outside eating their Booty-Os. Jey says they'll be in the Uso Penitentiary, and Jimmy says inside the Uso Penitentiary, there ain't no Booty-Os or any of the other butt-related stuff New Day love, and they're gonna throw 'em in the cell with every other tag team and put 'em on lock.

They're the ones that put in work, that have been down since day one, that elevated the tag division to a whole new level, and come Sunday, they'll be the ones that are five-time tag team champions. It's not paranoia, it's the--

Big E does the deal and the New Day make their entrance. Kofi Kingston says ordinarily they'd come out here, crack some jokes, try to sell some products, like their New Day underwear, but Xavier Woods says they're not feeling that, because Sunday is Hell in a Cell. So they want to come out here and talk about rights, well New Day will talk about lefts.

Like how they've left everyone in awe because they had no idea the SmackDown tag division could be this good. And every time they've gone toe-to-toe they've left everyone in awe of what they do. And whether they're on the kickoff or the main show, they left with everyone knowing they had the best damn match of the night. They've left battered, they've left bruised, but most importantly, last they met, they left with the titles.

This Sunday at Hell in a Cell, the Usos are gonna be left in a pile of their own day one ish, and New Day will remain your SmackDown Tag Team Champions, because New Day rocks, etc.

The Usos calmly take their leave while New Day gyrate and jaw at them.

Jinder Mahal is backstage with the title on his shoulder, speaking Punjabi at first before switching to English and asking us to take a look at what happened to our hero Shinsuke Nakamura earlier tonight. He narrates the replay, saying just like everyone else, Nakamura underestimated his intelligence, and all it took was a simple distraction to throw him off his game.

What happened earlier tonight is exactly what will happen at Hell in a Cell. He'll be standing tall while Shinsuke crinkles his ugly face in a pile of regret as he realizes that the Modern-Day Maharaja is still WWE Champion.

Commentary hypes up the Owens/McMahon face to face again, but Baron Corbin and Tye Dillinger will wrestle after the break.

Back from commercial, we're informed that Hype Bros vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin has been added to the Hell in a Cell pre-show, plus the return of Fashion Files has been moved to the pay-per-view.

Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger

Circling, Dillinger starting hot with punches, blocking Corbin's after getting backed into the corner and throwing chops as well. Baron dumps him outside but Tye comes right back in and backs him into the corner again. Smashing his face into the turnbuckles, the Lone Wolf returns the favor as we see AJ Styles watching backstage. Perfect 10 with more chops, whip reversed, sidestep a charge, Corbin out and back in and he runs right into a superkick to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Dillinger is on the apron and in charge but Corbin manages to backhand him and knock him into the steps and down to the floor! Following after, throwing Tye back in and hanging him over the ropes before rolling him right back out to suplex him into a tree of woe over the apron! A punch to the gut knocks him down!

Back inside, Baron is thinking about a suplex, Tye reverses...

Tye Dillinger wins by pinfall with a small package.

AJ Styles gets on the screen and says nothing makes him happier than seeing Corbin squander opportunities like that. What, did he think the title'd just be handed to him? This is the House That AJ Styles Built! And it got to be that way because AJ pushed himself every day, and maybe if Baron pushed himself like that, he could have beaten John Cena, cashed in successfully, or beaten Dillinger tonight.

But taking responsibility isn't what Baron does, he just throws tantrums. His tantrums are getting in AJ's way, and on Sunday he's gonna teach him that taking shortcuts won't work with him, because his opportunities will get cut short.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a video package for WWE's efforts towards breast cancer awareness.

This feeds into a segment like the one on Raw with the women's roster, Dana Warrior, and a handful of breast cancer survivors in the ring. She introduces them as Lauren Schwartz, Michelle Segura, and Rochelle McKenzie, and presents them with pink replicas of the current WWE Women's Championship title belt before doing Warrior's shake the ropes gimmick.

Randy Orton will wrestle Aiden English after the break.

Back from commercial we get a little hype for Kalisto's 205 Live debut tonight.

We then get a recap of Aiden English's beautiful song for Rusev Day and the ignominious ending that followed. Rusev is in the ring with English and says last week was supposed to be a happy Rusev Day but Orton ruined it. But that's okay, because there will be many more happy Rusev days to come, like on Sunday at Hell in a Cell when he breaks the Viper, that will be a happy Rusev Day.

Or the day after, when his family is embarrassed to look him in the eyes-- he's cut off by Orton making his entrance and it's on!

Aiden English vs. Randy Orton

Rusev runs interference, allowing Aiden to get a few shots in on Randy and trap him in the corner, but the Viper is able to push back with punches. To the corner again, English gets his boots up and nearly dives into an RKO but blocks it! Charging back elbow, stomping Orton in passing, whip reversed, he ducks a lariat but Randy pops him up...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with a pop-up RKO.

Rusev goes to slide in the ring but he's met with eye contact from a Randy Orton who has freshly entered that special place and so the Bulgarian Brute decides that discretion is the better part of valor. Randy poses on the turnbuckles after.

We then get a recap of some of the McMahon/Owen stuff before we go backstage where Shane is walking and runs into Sami Zayn. He says he was hurt by the apron powerbomb but he'll live, and Shane has only caught glimpses of what KO can do. McMahon insists that Owens will be locked in there with him, not the other way around, and Zayn tells him he was the best man at his wedding and you see what Kev did to him.

Shane tells him with all due respect, to take care of himself and he'll do the same, but he thanks Sami before taking his leave and sending us to break.

Back from commercial, Shane McMahon makes his entrance.

He greets Denver and says he's been waiting for this face to face for a long time before asking Kevin Owens to come on down. He does not, and Shane says it's just like he thought, Owens is a no-show. He talks a big game but when his back is against the wall he shows his true colors, and he's a coward. For many reasons, in fact, because he disrespected McMahon's children, beat his father down, and hid behind Sami Zayn as a human shield.

But on Sunday he can't run because he'll be locked in Hell in a Cell, and when that cell door closes, he's gonna change KO's life. And he's changing the rules right now, because it'll be a Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell! He's gonna beat him beyond recognition, at which point Kev shows his face, entering through the crowd and singing Shane's "terrible" theme song.

McMahon demands he come to the ring to honor the concept of a face to face, and Owens says he aims to please. But actually he's already spent too much time in Denver as it is and he'll see him Sunday, and so KO turns and goes to leave. Shane says it's just as he thought, Owens is a coward, which gets a moment of hesitation but KO leaves all the same. McMahon says if he's not gonna bring the fight to him, he'll bring the fight himself, and he books it out of the ring and up the steps!

Through the curtain towards concessions... OWENS BLINDSIDES HIM! Stomping away, knocking a trash can over onto him but McMahon throws punches back and smashes his face into the gimmick tables! Over to a hot dog stand, fighting against it before Kev rams Shane into a column! Powerbomb clutch... POWERBOMB THROUGH THE MERCH TABLE!

Owens heads back into the arena proper, heading down the steps as McMahon writhes in pain in the ruin of the merch. He gets in the ring and says if we think Shane's having a rough night right now, we have no idea what's coming at Hell in a Cell. You wanna make this Falls Count Anywhere? For once Owens agrees, because he wants to be able to beat him in the ring, out of the ring, in the Cell, out of the Cell, anywhere he wants to.

On Sunday he's going to grind McMahon's face into the fence until his flesh peels off, powerbomb him again and again until he forgets his kid's names, and then he'll drag his carcass on top of the Cell and don't worry about jumping off the Cell, because on Sunday he'll throw him off, and there's no getting back up this time.

As if on cue, Shane begins limping back to the ring, down the steps and through the aisle, where KO meets him, throwing punches, but McMahon is able to chuck him over the barricade and climb atop it... DIVING LARIAT! Owens with forearms, he throws Shane over the announce table and climbs back in the ring as McMahon pulls himself back over and continues inexorably into the ring.

Kev cuts him off but Shane throws body blows and punches to the head, a knee, a forearm, KO lands one in return and a superkick to lay him out! McMahon gets back up as referees swarm the ring to beg him to stop... OWENS LAYS HIM OUT AGAIN WITH THE SAME HEADBUTT HE LAID VINCE OUT WITH! SHANE STAGGERS TO HIS FEET... POP-UP POWERBOMB!

Shane wakes up and points a finger defiantly at Owens.

That's the show, folks.

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