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Kalisto joins the cruiserweight division and the crowd goes mild

You can’t win them all. Kurt Angle was really excited about his latest acquisition for the cruiserweight division and our Olympic hero was even happier to announce the news live to the Raw crowd at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to a pesky contract stipulation that did not allow any cruiserweight on the roster to touch Enzo outside of an official match, the Raw GM recognized the division needed new blood and was even proactive about recruiting new talent.

Then the crowd completely no-sold Angle’s huge announcement.

No cheers. No boos. Just a whole lot of “mehs” as Angle uttered the words “Kalisto”.

Check out the video and feel free to crank up your speakers all the way to 11 for Denver’s initial reaction to this exciting lucha news.

Poor Kurt.

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