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The Miz really liked ‘generic big man’ Baron Corbin’s iPhone promo, ethers him anyway

In the aftermath of Shane McMahon directing Team Blue to put Raw #UnderSiege last week, U.S. champ Baron Corbin joined the squad in cutting Twitter promos about what they’d done.

The Lone Wolf’s was directed at his Survivor Series opponent, Intercontinental titleholder The Miz. It took The A-Lister a while to respond (something he works into his online response for a nice helping of opening shade). But needing to unleash some frustration after his beloved Cleveland Browns dropped to 0 - 8, Miz got around to firing back...

“Baron Corbin! I just got your message. I’ve been really busy this week. But I’ve gotta say - it’s the best promo I’ve ever seen you cut. It’s amazing because when I cut my best promos? It’s in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home on a big camera in a WWE ring. While your best promo is on an iPhone on social media. So listen up, Twitter tough guy.

This isn’t about Raw and SmackDown supremacy for me. This is about making the Intercontinental championship the most prestigious and honorable title in all the WWE. I bust my ass, day-in and day-out to make that title relevant. While the United States championship is working overtime to make its holder relevant.

See, I’ve heard all about you in the WWE ring, how talented you are. But to me? You’re just another generic big man who will be gone in two years while I’m carrying this show for the next ten. And if you ever talk about my pregnant wife again, I’ll knock your f***ing teeth down your throat!”

Yeah, that guy can run his mouth.

Don’t take my word on it. He got an endorsement from Corbin’s handsome-est teammate:

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