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Neville must be pissed right now

WWE on YouTube

If there was one “WWE has come to terms with” story I’ve been ready to write for a few days now, it was Neville’s.

The former NXT and Cruiserweight champion has been absent from our screens since he reportedly walked out ahead of Raw on Oct. 9. Even with word coming down that Vince McMahon was incensed by the move and might be angry enough to keep Neville to his contract and prohibit him from working elsewhere, I surely wasn’t the only fan hoping that something could be ironed out between the two parties. Mostly, this was a selfish desire based in how much I like to watch the former PAC perform... but there’s some concern for Neville’s family and The Chairman’s eternal soul in there, too (I think).

Anyway, when I heard the news that Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae were “future endeavored”, I figured we might get a glimmer of good news amidst the crushed dreams and heartbreaking tweets.

Maybe the next update would read “WWE has come to terms on the release of Benjamin Satterley”? Then, after a few non-compete agreement-dictated months of inaction spent resting and relaxing with Mrs. Satterley, PAC would re-emerge in Evolve, or perhaps Japan.

Or, as my colleague Kyle Decker said in our virtual offices this afternoon:

Several hours after the last bulletin, there is no info about The Man That Gravity Forgot.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Neville will be getting the full Rey Mysterio treatment from Vince and WWE. But it’s probably not a good sign that the company didn’t include him with an unexpected Sunday afternoon news dump.

Perhaps Neville’s release will come tomorrow, or maybe he’ll even fly onto television as a surprise member of Team Raw. But it seems more likely the freeze out will continue, as McMahon makes an example of his former Cruiserweight King.

I’ll be over here hoping it’s all a work.

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