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Emma released by WWE announced today that they have come to terms on the release of Emma.

This is a bit surprising since Emma had recently received more television time with her “It’s all about me” gimmick focusing on her Twitter personality. Just last week she was picked to be Asuka’s first match on the WWE main roster.

It was a bit of a rocky road for the Aussie after she became a fan favorite in NXT. This isn’t her first release, as she was also let go for less than a day years back after a shoplifting incident.

After a failed initial run on the main roster as the bubbly, clumsy Emma, she went back to NXT and reinvented herself as a villain. Her second main roster run was marred by injuries and a failed repackaging as Emmalina, where rumors were management felt she wasn’t committed to the role.

The wording “come to terms” hints that this could have been a mutual thing, but we’ll have to wait to see if we ever learn the actual reason surrounding this.

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