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Nikki Bella's so excited to get back to WWE, she's slapping holds on red carpet interviewers

Extra's Mark Wright interviewed Nikki Bella after her latest performance on Dancing With The Stars this past Monday, and took the opportunity to live out his childhood dream of having a WWE Superstar use a wrestling maneuver on him.

In asking The Fearless One to put him in a hold, Wright helped reveal just how fired up Bella is to get back in the ring. She runs through no fewer than four moves, and when they have to wrap up their chat, tells him she'd be happy to put him in a few more later and "really make you tap".

Bella's on record as wanting to wrestle again, even if it's only on a part-time basis. This little chat on Extra proves she's got graps on her mind, so it looks like that's more than just talk.

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