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Is there anything John Cena can’t do?

Yes, I graduated high school AND college in the 1990s, so my generational biases are pretty clear, but... Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” is one of the greatest songs ever and if you disagree I WILL FIGHT YOU.

Good thing is, I just might have John Cena on my side.

Okay, I’ve buried the lede here a bit. Point of this post is that the above video, released to commemorate the YouTube channel belonging to his fiance Nicole and her twin sister Brie (you may know them as The Bella Twins) reaching 900,000 subscribers, features a tuxedo clad Cena performing a rendition of “Where Is My Mind?” on piano.

And it’s pretty good! Seems like he may have just learned it - kind of like his Chinese - but that doesn’t matter. Major props to Big Song John for nailing this one.

Wrestler Sports Entertainer, Rapper, Actor and now Pianist. Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Now if we could just get him to unbutton his dang jacket when he sits down...

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