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Bianca Belair literally tore Billie Kay up whipping her with her hair

As I’ve explained in the past, Bianca Belair is a freaking star, and the wrestling world needs as much of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay as we can get.

Those two forces of awesomeness ran into one another on the Oct. 25 episode of NXT during a battle royal to determine the final challenger for the Women’s championship at the next TakeOver on Nov. 18 in Houston. Bianca lived up to her billing as The -Est by racking up three impressive eliminations. Billie lived up to her reputation as an amazing heel by making it to the final four without putting anyone over the top rope.

PeyKay’s finest moment was probably when Royce cheered Kay to this elimination-avoiding spot...

Unfortunately for The Iconic Duo, it set up another cool-yet-vicious moment for Belair, because you should not touch another person’s hair. Period.

Don’t think that’s that bad? Well... the Aussie is providing receipts that Bianca and her braid literally tore her up with that move:

Binky and her hair don’t care...

Don’t do it.

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