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Let’s try to figure out why this cool new version of Paige’s theme song exists

Earlier today, a music manager (producer?) named Jorge Hernandez posted this snippet of a new version of Paige’s entrance theme by singer Shayla to his Instagram. It’s a stripped down, acoustic version of “Stars in the Night” that really highlights the vocals. Shayla’s version is different, but pretty cool (or as my boss Geno Mrosko said when he shared it in our offices, “so that's dope as f***”).

Check it out:

Now, the question is - why does this exist? That it’s been online for hours, features the WWE logo and tags the company and Paige in the message indicates it’s probably got their blessing or the copyright gods would rain down upon poor Jorge.

The Anti-Diva is said to be nearing a comeback to WWE television, will this be her new theme?

Or, the movie based on her life and entry into WWE, Fighting With My Family, should be coming out soon... maybe this is for that? Producer Dwyane Johnson isn’t tagged, though, so I’m kind of ruling that out. Maybe Hernandez forgot Rocky?

Give us your guesses below, and let us know what you think of the track while you’re at it.

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