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Johnny Gargano to ‘face off’ with Shawn Michaels at NXT TakeOver: War Games... ‘sorta’

While all the attention has been on his special guest referee gig the night before, and who WWE may or may not be trying to dork by announcing Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels as the official for a NXT title match at their Nov. 17 house show, old HBShizzle has other plans on Survivor Series weekend, too.

Not sure if this really qualifies as that something “outside the box” Michaels thought Johnny Gargano needed to get his mind off wrestling and his recent losing streak... but at least Johnny Wrestling will be able to say he competed with one of the greatest of all-time at a big event like TakeOver: War Games!

Will this make the WWE Network stream? Who’s judging? What does the winner get?


One we don’t need answer to is if this will be as great as a Michaels vs. Gargano wrestling match would be, but... let’s try to have fun with it anyway.

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